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Weather at the field

The following links provide various views of the weather at the SPARKS flying field, using sensors located near the office.


- Snap shot of current conditions, as well as a forecast (as you scroll down):


- Collection of available weather parameters. Clicking on any rectangular box will bring up the related graph:

As an example, this is the wind graph available by clicking on the fourth box down:


- A map view of our area and other available stations, along with current conditions at the SPARKS station:


In addition, a link to the local BayNews 9 weather radar is provided:


An alternative method to access the SPARKS weather station data, for users of Apple iPhones or iPads (IOS-based devices), is through the PWS Monitor App, available at the Apple Store. A brief document, summarizing the steps to install this App on your device and set it to point to the SPARKS station data, is available by clicking here.


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