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17 April 2021 - Women In Aviation visit

On Sat. April 17, SPARKS hosted some members from the Tampa chapter of the "Women In Aviation" club. A good time was had by all with demos consisting of 3D heli, 3D Large Scale Gas, Streamer Combat and Autonomous Drone. Some of our guests took us up on flying the drone as well as their hand at the flight sim in the office. Lots of planes flying outside of the planned demos kept the sky full. All the members visiting had their PPL and we may even get a couple new members from the group that attended. Thanks to Luis Espinosa, Tom Simpson, Jimmy Jeswald and Jerry Thornton among others for getting their aircraft up in somewhat breezy conditions. Overall it was a great success!

WIA tn

23 December 2020 - SPARKS Newsletter

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9 November 2020 - SPARKS Newsletter

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12 July 2020 - SPARKS Newsletter

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28 April 2020 - SPARKS Newsletter

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26 February 2020 - SPARKS Newsletter

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31 January 2020 - Runway Repairs

Shown in these photos, taken by Bill Cessna on 31 January 2020, is the repair work just completed at the SPARKS flying field. Click on a picture, to see it enlarged.

29 January 2020 - SPARKS Newsletter

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8 November 2019 - SPARKS Newsletter

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17 May 2019 - SPARKS Newsletter

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6 May 2019 - New format for the SPARKS Newsletter

A new format for the Club Newsletter is now being experimented with. It no longer includes the Meeting Minutes, which are being emailed out separately and are also saved in the protected section of this website, only accessible after login.

Click here to view the May 6, 2019 Newsletter, in .pdf format

Please forward any comments about the new Newsletters to any of the Club's officers or send email to:

8 December 2018 - Pinellas Park Christmas Parade

On Saturday, December 8, 2018, the Club participated for the first time ever in the Pinellas Park Christmas Parade, with a custom-built float showcasing some of the RC models we fly. The VP, Mike Valletti, and members Terry Allison and Oliver Parker, assembled the float. Terry and his wife drove the truck pulling the float, while Mike walked along with it. Lots of positive comments were received, as the Club expected to create interest about our hobby in many folks, who may decide to visit us at the field and, possibly, join us.

Given the very positive results, Mike is now considering making this Parade a yearly event for the Club. Thanks to all involved!

14 April 2018 - Important Notice from the Club's Board about Flying Rules Enforcement

To all SPARKS members:

Our flying field is at risk due to out of bound crashes and safety issues. There have been many recent incidents and we will have to begin strictly enforcing the club safety rules and by-laws in order to protect the field for the members.

Therefore, effective immediately:

Any out-of-bound crashes should be immediately reported by the pilot involved in the crash to a Club Officer. If none are available at the field, call the Club President, Mike Adams, directly at 727-251-0260.

When needed, infractions beyond the jurisdiction of the Safety Officer will be reviewed by the members of the Board with the offending member, before coming to a resolution. This action will be to review conditions at the time, root cause, and other circumstances affecting the Board's decision.

It is the responsibility of all club members to act in a safe and responsible manner. Again, this stricter enforcement is necessary for the safety of our members, the public, and to prevent the possible loss of our field.

In addition to direct emailing, members will be able to view this notice on the club website and field bulletin board. If there are any questions, please contact a club Officer.

For reference, the pertinent sections of the By-Laws are highlighted here.

The SPARKS R\C Club's Board.

22 January 2017 - About yesterday's Fun-Fly/Swap Meet event

Comments by Bill Cessna, a Club's Officer:

Thought the fun fly today was a great success. Lots of people, lots of planes and gear to swap.

Weather was decent. Lots of members and others showed up. Food was great, we covered our costs... what more could you ask for? I thought it went very well.

Big big shout out for Mike Valletti for suggesting and getting it going. Thanks to folks who set up and broke it down and also to Jim and Jack for being the cooks. We might need to invest in a new grill though....

It was a nice day! Maybe we do it again, since it was so successful, in the not too distant future. Thanks to all!

1 August 2016 - Launching of the revamped Club website

A message from the Club's Officers:

As you have probably noticed if you have pointed your internet browser to the Club's online address ( in the last few days, the Club's web site has undergone a significant modernization, whose planned work is almost complete.

We feel it has been a move in the right direction and hope you like the results. However, no project like this is ever truly completed, as the web site is a dynamic environment to communicate with both existing and prospective users. For this reason, we would like to hear from you, your comments, ideas, and suggestions for improvements, which will make our site even more useful and pleasant to visit.

To provide your feedback to us, please email to the Club email address, We commit to review all comments, analyze them, and act upon them as appropriate.

We sincerely hope you will take the time to let us know your thoughts about your new web site.


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